Safe Families for Children


About Our Chapter

Our Families

We currently have thirty active Host Families serving in Memphis. These families provide a temporary, safe, loving, nurturing home environment for children. Their hospitality gives the children’s parents time and space to take care of needs they have in order to create stability for their family. The families we serve are referred to us by previous clients, the Department of Children’s Services and other local community agencies.

Our Churches

Memphis churches play a significant role in recruiting and supporting members to serve and reach out to parents who are in crisis situations. Churches of all sizes and various denominational or non-denominational backgrounds are active partners with Safe Families for Children of Memphis. Our volunteers, as followers of Jesus, are awakening to the urgent need of struggling families in our city and community. Safe Families for Children provides the process and structure the church needs to serve families in times of crisis.

Our Team

Although our amazing volunteers are the ones who take the movement of Safe Families for Children into the community, they are professionally supported by our local Safe Families for Children Director. The Memphis Director works to engage churches, build the base of volunteers, train volunteers, transition the children, provide family coach supervision, network with other like-minded organizations and so much more.